The immediate life-saving measures,


which a first aider has to apprehend in cases of emergency with injured,

diseased or embittered persons, describe the first element in the so called chain of survival.first aid1

These measures are as the following pack defined, in which the first aider, depending on the situation,

has to achieve or multiple actions:


  • Safeguarding the accident location and rescuing the injured
  • Doing the emergency call
  • Cardiac Massage
  • Recovery Position
  • Rescue Breathing and if applicable defibrillation
  • Stopping of life-threatening bleedings
  • Shock-treatment

The intention is the preservation or rather the recovery of the vitally important bodily functions = vital functions of the inpatient.

In this seminar only the basic measures of first-aid will be taught.
The attendant can help as first aider at the accident location after the course of immediate lifesaving measures.

This seminar is an obligation to get the driver’s license for cars and motorcycles that means for following license classes:

A, A1,A2 B, BE, AM,


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